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My Favorite Lipsticks |Which are My Top 3? 

I am a lipstick person! Yes I really love lipstick. I can go out just wearing lipstick. I have tried so much lipstick – from local brand to korean and western brand. Let me introduce what are my favorites. 

• Pixi Beauty Mattelustre Peach Blossom •

Pixi Beauty Mattelustre Peach Blossom This is like a typical lipstick but I really love the color. It stays longer than I expected. I will recommend this to people looking for natural look. 

• Peripera Peri’s Ink Velvet: Inktude Rose •

Peri’s Ink Velvet Inktude House This is so lovable. If you have trouble doing the gradient lips this will ease your life! PLUS the scent is so good it smells like a candy but it doesn’t have that strong smell. I also love the velvet-y texture of this one. It have a cute package that you can easily put in your bag. 

• Maybelline Colorblur: 50 I like to mauve it •

Maybelline Colorblur I love the matte texture of this one. It comes with an elastomer smudger so you would not use your finger/brush to smudge the lipstick. (Tho I don’t use it that much)

• Tony Moly Tony’s tint Delight •

Tony moly Tonytint Delight This is my lazy day lipstick. It is watery and comes with 3 colors-cherry pink, red and orange.  I use this with lip balm or lip moisturizer because my lips are too dry for this that makes the liptint go to spaces or cracks of the lips. 

• Rimmel London Kissproof Lipstick •

Rimmel London Kissproof  Lipstick If you want to go to a theme park or concert and too lazy or don’t have time to retouch this is the best lipstick for you. I went to a theme park and wore this for the whole day without retouching it and it really surprised me how the lipstick stays for my lips for the whole day! This lipstick comes with 2 part- the lipstick and the shine or protect. 

These are my top 3: 

  1. Pixi Beauty Mattelustre 
  2. Peripera Peri’s Ink Velvet 
  3. Maybelline’s Colotblur

I based my opinion to the products that I recently use. If you want to suggest a brand you can message me on my Instagram account or comment down below. 

Hope you enjoy! 
Always with love, 



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