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I’m in love with | Innisfree Haul 

I’m currently in love.. In love with that makes md better and feel beautiful… and yes I’m in love with…


Yes, you read it right. I feel in love with this brand not a long time ago. My skin is acne-blemish prone and oilu skin so I find it difficult to find products that will react good in my skin. I want a brand that’s not contain harsh chemicals and have natural ingrediets with it. Innisfree is nature-oriented company which means they use natural ingredients mainly comes from Jeju Island, South Korea. Is it amazing? Definitely yes! 

• Green Tea Balancing Cream •
GREEN TEA BALANCING CREAM  I used this after taking a bath and in morning . I don’t need a large of this, small amount will do amazingly on your skin. It really moisturize and calm my skin. So I’ll give it 9/10.

• Green Tea Cleansing Foam •

Green Tea Cleansing  Foam I love the scent of this foam wash, I find it relaxing. It will moisturize your skin and remove all the dirt on your face. I even use this to remove my make up and it really works. 8/10 is my overall rating for this one. 

Volcanic Nose pack I have blackheads and whiteheads on my nose area and it disturbs me a lot so my solution for this is a nose pack. I’ve tried many brands of nose pack and why not try this one? I have really high expectation with this product but it has a weak removing system. It removes just 4:10 of my whiteheads but it smells good like the cleansing foam, and it moisturize my skin but I’m looking for something that will removes most of my black and whiteheads. 5/10 is my rating for this.  

• No Sebum Blur Primer •

No Sebum Blur Primer You don’t put make up without primer right? (but I did) This primer saves my life! This keeps your make up in place plus my face is not oily in the whole day! 10/10 for this one! (Can I give 11?) 

• Jeju Volcanic Cleansing Foam •

Jeju Volcanic Cleansing Foam unopen 

• Whitening Synergy Serum •

Whitening Synergy Serum I have dark spots cause by pimples and it frustrates me. I don’t want to just hide it. I want it to lighten. I just used this last day so I don’t know the effect yet. BUT THE SMELL IS SOOOO NICE! It smells like an orange with mint and it feels so cool when you apply it. I’ll update you after 3weeks or a month of using this..
When it comes to skincare I always love Innisfree products. I would love to try their make up soon. Do you have some products from Innisfree to suggest? 

Hope you like my Innisfree (mini) haul! 
ALWAYS WITH LOVE, pinkipseul 💋


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