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KCON2016LA | Let’s Play Let’s KCON! 

Better late than never. I attended KCON LA last year, 2016. This is my late blog post about it! hope you enjoy! 

“KCON is the one place where every element of Hallyu encompassing pop music, TV dramas, movies, fashion, food, and beauty can be experienced and celebrated. At KCON, you can encounter your favorite stars, stimulating panels, interactive workshops, and countless booths of fun dedicated to putting the world of Hallyu at your fingertips!”

Kcon is empowered by Mnet and CJ Entertainment which bring “All Things Hallyu” to different country includes Japan, LA, NY, South Korea, France and Abu Dhabi (2016). 


The Tickets ranges from $50 to $800 (plus tax). They also have the combo tickets to get some discounts if you’re going on both night of the concert. 

Usually they sell Combo tickets a day earlier than Single Tickets. Platinum Tickets are for both night of concert and 3day Convention. You will have different benefit base on your tickets. Combo tickets means you will double your benefits. Example: You bought P2 Single Ticket so it means you will have 1 chance for Hi Touch 2 guarantee Audience Pass 1 chance for Red Carpet but If you bought p2 combo tickets you will have 2 chances for Hi touch 4guarantee audience pass and 2 chances for Red carpet! 

tip: claim your benefits as early as you can because if you claim your benefit in 2nd day there is still a chance you will get day 1 artist. 

note: This tickets are for concert only, they have different ticket for the convention. 

Seat Plan || 2016 Seating Chart || 2015 Seating Chart

Last year they made the half stadium seat plan which I believe made the tickets sell out faster than other years plus! Artist last year was a lit! 

Artist and Line Up 

They usually announce the line up a month ot two before the event. They bring a really good artist! They bring a lot of k artist and groups so I think everything is worth it!!


Just like what I said they have a separate tickets for the convention. They usually give the link where you can buy tickets for the convention and don’t worry convention tickets are really cheap and does not sell fast. They sell 1day ticket for $10 and 3days ticket for $25.


As they handed your wristband before you go to the convention they will also give your vouchers. This will tell what fan engagements you will have. Fan engagements vary in what ticket you bought. 

Fan Engagements

Hi touch

 This is the most wonderful fan engagement you will have. You will have the chance to face-to-face your most-loved artist and give them Hi-5! 

Audience Pass

You can your watch your most loved artist in a room while they have something like an interview and while some are having their hi touch. 

Red Carpet

Before the concert proper they will enter on a red carpet and have some short interview. It’s like other red carpet in awards night. 

My Experience: 


Last year ticket selling was super stressful. It’s my first time, I was out-of-town and it sold out in a minute! I ask my brother if he can buy me ticket since I was out of town and he said yes. He said he waited for about 10 mins in a virtual waiting room then when it’s his turn the only available ticket was p5! Oh, I was talking about combo tickets which sells a day earlier than single tickets. On the next day the same thing happen but he go online earlier than yesterday. I don’t know what to feel. I really want to go. So everyday I waited for axs to open for available tickets but they officially announced that ALL tickets were sold out! I dont know what to do I really want to go. My bias group and the groups that I really like was there. I waited for a month to get my ticket not a combo but a single ticket. It’s okay. KCon announced they will do something and yes they did something! They open few sections and of course it sold out in few minutes. I’m thankful I am the one who get their tickets in the 2nd wave. 💖  

They gave hints in their snapchat or IG account ( @kconusa) for the line up and reveal it soon in the live chat in their YT account. I was not planning to go actually but when I hear Cnblue and Astro were going I freaked out. It’s my bias group but 2 weeks or 3 weeks before Kcon announced CNBLUE were not going anymore due personal issue. 


I’m lucky I was close to LA. I just have to ride a bus and a train then I’m there! The train is arriving every 15 or 3o mine and the closest station in  Staples and LA Convention is the PICO STATION.


I went there for 3 days straight. My first day was getting in line. Hahahaha. Yes! I went there 9am and have my benefits and wristband at 1pm! Goodluck peeps! I was planning to go to airport to welcome Astro but yeah I can’t. I was in the middle of the line! 

I got my benefits/vouchers go straight to the convention door. They check my bag and they scan my wristband. The wristband was a plastic like thing that once you snap it you can’t get it off. Then I scratch my vouchers, I got 1 Gfriend AP and Block B AP (traded it with someone for Twice) and “sorry!” for red carpet and Hi touch. It’s okay for me I will just enjoy the Kcon! 

 I was in line in Dramafever booth for some games, when I heard Asiana Airlines was giving away some Vouchers( yeah! Booths are doing this especially Toyota’s)  if you do some things in their booth. I get out in line and immediately went to Asiana’s! And guess what?! The vouchers they gave was SUNDAY RED CARPET!!!!! I was so happy that time! Simple joys. 

I enjoy the convention. I don’t even felt tired or what. I play games in some booth and get some freebies and the MBC America Guy was so generous. They gave me a poster but since I didn’t see the Hi! School Love On poster I choose Descendant’s of the Sun and ask if I could change it and he said I can have them both. I got Dramafever’s T shirt and their choco abs. The wristband from Soompi and goodie bags from Mcdonalds and some Travel Mag from some booth I can’t remember. Overall, convention was super fun! AND I WAS ABLE TO SEE LEE MIN HO, GFRIEND AND ERIC NAM! and DANNY!  


I got Gfriend Audience pass but I did not able to use it since I AM LATE! There was something in the train that it have to stop for 3o mins plus it stop for every station for like 5mins. It’s okay. I able to see them in the convention tho.

I bought Astro Audience. I’m desperate to see them and lesson learned I went to convention 2hour before the scheduled fan engagement. I arrived and wait in line under the heat of the sun in the middle of summer. After the Interview they will go straight to Toyota Booth and I have to run to get good place and see them up close! And yes I saw them close. Check my Fancam in the convention here

And I forgot everything even my Twice AP which is right after Astro. Don’t be like me. 

The red carpet was a mess. I line there for 3hrs since I don’t have anything to do in convention hall and saving my energy for the concert.But when we were about to enter they pushed and pushed and we, who line first, pushed to the back.


The concert was in the Staples Center which was across the LA Convention.I was surprised when I saw the line it was loooooong! The good thing my ticket was reserved and seated. We spent another 1 hour in the line but that was fast, right?  

The concert was the best! My inner fangirl shines! It’s my kind of party. The performance was a lit. From the front act to the last everything was worth it. Eric Nam was a tease. He is so charming. Twice, Davichi, Monsta X and BTS was the great! And of course Astro I shed a tear hearing them live! TTS which I saw for the second time. You can check my fancam in Astro’s Performance here

This was one of the best memories I have. KCONLA was totally worth it. This is a place to let your inner fangirl shines! Every fangirl should add to attend Kcon by Mnet once in their lifetime. 

Here are some of my photos taken during Convention and concert. I’ll try my best to update my videos on YT. 

• Astro During Red Carpet •
• Outside LA Convention Center •

Hope you enjoy reading! Thank you! 

To all fangirls out there, unleash your inner fangirl in events like this. When you grow up you will have something to laugh and story tell.

Always with love, Pinkipseul 💕


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