FIRST IMPRESSION: Skinfood, Laneige and Innisfree Products 

It’s heart month February! Happy Heart’s Month Everyone. Here is my review for my latest purchase in Althea! Hope this will help you! Happy Reading!! 

I’ve known korean skin care and their meticulous skincare routine since ages ago but it takes time for me to try it. So I’m in the middle of my completing my korean skincare product. Here is my first impression about Skinfood Rose Shake Make-up remover, Skinfood Black sugar wash off mask, Innisfree Blackhead out balm and Laneige Two tone lipbar. 

Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar 

I’m super excited when I purchased this. I love lipstick more than any make up. When I open my box I look for this first. Packaging: It has a classy and elegant vibe. Color and Moisture: The color I got was Maxi Red.The color was good it was not the daring red but ak soft red. I love this lipstick it has moisture but not to the extent that your lips look super shiny. By the way, this is the same lipstick that Kang Mo yeon (Descendants of the Sun) and Kim Bok Joo (Weighlifting Kim Bok Joo) used. 

Innisfree Blackhead Out Balm 

What Innisfree says: This cleansing balm dissolves and removes blackheads as Jeju volcanic clusters abdsorb sebum and oil massages your skin. 

Packaging: It comes with in a circle container. 

Scent: The first thing comes in my mind when I smelled it was virgin coconut oil. Yes. It smells like that. 

Moisture: It is like an oil actually. So it really moisturize the area where you apply it. My becomes more oily. 

FIrst Impression: Blackhead is one of the main problem in my skin. I tried many products like pore strips but it feels like it just open my pores even more. This makes my nose,the applied area, soft but I can still see some whiteheads and blackhead in my nose. It’s not bad. But another cons for this product is that my nose become oily. Will I recommend it? Maybe yes. Maybe no. Since it doesn’t have dramatic or instant effect. Rating: 8/10

Skinfood Black Sugar Mask Wash off

What Skinfood says: A mask contains mineral-enriched Brazillian black sugar, and promotes smooth glowing skin.

Packaging: It comes in a cup like container. 

Scent: It smells like a brown sugar with some hint of mint but not strong. 

Texture: It is a solid-consistency. So I recommend to mix it with water. You can instantly feel grains on the mixture. 

First Impression: I don’t have exfoliator in my routine so I bought one. This is highly recommended by many beauty blogger so why no try it? I used it after I cleanse my face, I open it and “Wow, It’s sweet”. I massage it on my face and left it for 15mins. After I rinse it, I feel light and clean. I love the feeling. Even when I cleanse my face, I did not feel the same way I felt after I apply and rinse it. Will I recommend it? DEFINITELY YES!!! Ratings: 9/10

Skinfood Rose Shake Make Up Remover

What skinfood says: Two layered saking-type point make-up remover with Centifolia rose distilled water which has purifying and soothing properties with rich and white foam to smoothly remove make-up in eye and lip areas without stimulus and dryness. 

Packaging: Actually I’m being bias because it’s pink all things in pink looks pretty to me. Kidding. It comes in a tranparent plastic-flat bottle, so because of it’s transparency you can see the mixture which is the color pink. 

Texture: It’s watery like. I don’t feel oil at all. But it doesn’t dry my skin at all. 

First Impression: It’s good. I like the way it doesn’t have a strong or alcohol smell. It also doesnt dry my skin and removes make up even the waterproof and smudgeproof one. Will I recommend it? Yes? Make up remover is one of the steps that many people skips, they just straight in cleansing and some buy local brand to remove their make up. But yes I will recommend this. Ratings: 8/10

Eyeliners (NYX and Maybelline) and Liptint are waterproof and smudge proof. Just an example. I used it on my face to see the result. •

 Hope you like my first impression about Laneige, skinfood and Innisfree! After using it for 3-4weeks I’ll make a decent review about it! 

Always with love, pinkipseul  💖


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