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Night Routine: Oily and Acne Prone Skin

오랜만이에요 친고들! 잘지내세요? It’s been a long time! How are you? 

Hello there! I’m not a beauty specialist or something but here is my simple Night Skincare Routine. Hope you like it! 

Everyday is a tiring day but I always makes time to do my skincare routine everynight. This is just a simple steps for a lazy girl like. 

If I ever have a make up, cause sometime I give my skin a break to not wear make up the whole day, I’ll remove it using Skinfood Rose Shake Make-Up Remover. I always starts in my eyes area to lips and cheeks/face area. NOTE: I use different cotton pads in different area of my face. 

Cleansing  I use Innisfree Green tea Cleansing Foam I love the smell and the effectivity of this product. Innisfree always have the best skincare products. 

I put decent amount to my palm and make a lather. I don’t like to put it directly on face. I start in the cheek area and do a circular motion to the nose to forehead to chin area. I wash it with running water.

Exfoliate I do this routine once a week. Exfoliating is to remove dead cells and stimulstes cells renewal for glowing and healthy skin. For my exfoliator I use Skinfood Black Sugar Wash Off. 

I apply a layer of this on my face and massage it in circular motion while applying it. I add some amount of water to the mixture because it feels so strong if I did not. You can feel the granules while applying it. Wait for 15mins and wash it with running water and proceed to your daily night routine. 

Toning For toning I use  Innisfree Bija Toner/Trouble skin. 

I pour decent amount in my palm and rub it then pat it on my cheeks then forehead and chin then to my eyes area and lastly to my neck. I don’t like to directly apply it to my face cause it feels like it’s too strong if I do. 

Serum For Serum I use Innisfree Whitening Pore Serum  I love the smell of this one. It’s so relaxing and really brightens my face. 

I use 1-2 pumps of this serum. Apply it in my face by tap-tap method. I apply another layer for my pimple marks and dark spots. 

Moisturizer To moisturize my skin I use Innisfree Green tea Balancing Cream. I also use this as my eye cream I just double the amount I apply in my eye area. It saves a lot of penny. 

I get ample amount using my middle finger or ring finger. Then apply it in my face using circular motion. Then get another amount to apply in my eye area. 

Lip Moisturizer/Lip  Care I realized that since I love lip products I also have to take care of my lips. For my lip care I use Laneige Lip Sleeping mask. 

I apply it thick layer to my lips before going to bed. And in the morning I wipe it using a tissue.

I indulge myself in Kbeauty not so long ago and I’m happy I did. It’s addicting and you can really see the difference. TIP: Always have time to atleast remove your make up and wash your face before sleeping these will make a huge difference! 

What is your skin type and your PM or Night Routine? Which products you use? 

This is for today’s blog and thank your for reading! Have a nice day! 

Always with Love, SpringVenus


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