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WORTH THE HYPE? Etude House Wonderpore Freshner 

Hello!! I made a section that will answer your questions. IS IT WORTH THE HYPE?!  I’ll post a product that’s on the hype and discuss if it is really worth the hype. 

So here it goes…. 

What it claims: 

  • total solution product that effectively cleans inside and outside pores with its special peppermint extrat. 
  • Balances pH levels, making skin pure like baby skin and preventing skin troubles caused by pH imbalance. 
  • 7 in 1: Deep cleanses pore; control overly produced sebum; keep the ideal pH balance (ph 5); Tightening pores; prevent enlarging pores; prevent skin troubles. 

    How to use: 

    1. After cleansing face, soak the cotton make up with the toner then wipe your face with it from inner corner to the outside. Then let the leftover toner fully absorb into the skin with gentle patting. 
    2. You can carry the toner if you use mist type container,and apply it onto your face whenever you feel itchy or you havr shiny face with excess oil on skin. 

      What I experience? 

      This was my first korean brand toner and of course I expect a lot. I read many reviews about this and most them were really good. So why not to try it right?

       I purchased mine on Amazon.com last year when I was in California. It arrived safe and sound. It doesn’t have a strong smell and I like it. It doesn’t have cool feeling on skin. It is watery and transparent like most of the toners. 

      I just used it for a week and I stop. My skin experienced breakouts. I don’t know the reason but maybe this products have ingredients that causes not good reaction on my skin.  


      For me, NO. I know Etude House has a lot of great product but this one is not one of the great. 


      8 thoughts on “WORTH THE HYPE? Etude House Wonderpore Freshner 

      1. I experienced a slight rash the first time I used this toner so I gave my skin a break. I started using it again after a few days, and since then, it’s been working on my skin pretty good.

        Sad to hear about your experience with this product. By the way, how’s the Innisfree Bija toner working on your skin?


      2. I also have this toner. Although it didn’t break me out or caused any damage to my skin, I would agree that it isn’t worth the hype. It’s just a simple toner for me, nothing special. I bet that this might have done some wonders on other people, though. Well, good for them! Haha

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      3. I actually really liked this product a lot! I have very sensitive skin and usually products with high alcohol content irritate me (which is why I avoid The Face Shop) but for some reason I had really good results with this. I’ve used up the sample bottle I got with other purchases and am considering buying a full-size. But for now I am continuing to use other samples til I run out 🙂


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