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Worth the hype?: Laneige Two Tone Lipbar

As we all know, gradient lip is high trend in South Korea for years. It also gives a youthful and innocent look that we many if us wants to achieve. South Korea is the innovator of beauty products around the globe. From sheet masks to cushion foundation, Korea is the first one to trend these products. 

Now, an easy gradient lip lipstick creator is in the hype! You can create gradient lips with just using a product like how you just used a regular lipstick. And this is, Laneige Two Tone Lipbar! 

It doesn’t just give you a gradient lip but also give a two shade of lipstick in one!


What it claims: 

  • Artistic Color Match. Attractive lips with optimal color combination. The optimal color combination contained in one lipstick makes the lips beautiful by expressing attractive Two Tone make up. 
  • Artistic Gradation. Natural gradation with diagonal cut ang moisturizing texture. The lipstick can easily express natural gradation by blurring color boundaries naturally with its diagonal cut and moisturizing texture as if its glides smoothly on the lips. 
  • Artistic Shape. New concept lipbar in an edgy rectangular,sliding shape. The stylish square edge and one-touch sliding method help expressintricate lip make up conviniently. 

How to use:

  1.  Uncap the lipstick by removing its cover. 
  2. Allow the lipstick to slide up by pushing the side button with your thumb. 
  3. The longer color is the main color. Glide the lip bar on your lip to let the main color ne applied on your inner part of your lip. 
  4. Then, turn the lipbar upside down to apply on your upper lip. 
  5. To achieve more natural gradation expression, make the line between the colors mix by smacking your lips together to spread the lip color. 

My Experience: 

I saw this first on Descendants of the Sun. Kang Mo Yeon (played by Song HyeKyo) used it. It catches my eyes since I love to try different lipstick. But I didn’t purchased it right away since it’s quit pricey. Again this lipstick featured/used by Kim Bok Joo on Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo. This time I finally decided to purchase it. I purchased mine at Althea. 

I was super excited and has high expectation with this one and Laneige did not disappoint me. This was worth all the penny! You can really see the gradient lip and can effortlessly made it. This one was not matte nor shinny lipstick and I love it! It doesn’t dry my lips at all! I want to purchase more of this. 

Is it worth the Hype? 

Definitely, YES! If you bought this because you want to have the same lipstick like what your faves use..You will learn to love this Two tone Lipbar because of it’s unique features.No regrets! You should try this one and fell in love with it. 

Hope this helps and you enjoy reading my post today! Thank you! 


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