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[Review] Innisfree Capsule Recipe Pack

Hello there! It’s been a long time since I post in my blog. I’ve been busy these past few weeks from attending on One K Global Peace Concert last March 2 then have a week of vacation in a place with a terrible connection. 

Anyways, here a short review about Innisfree Capsule Recipe Pack. 

This wash off mask is affordable. It’s only 90PHP. Why not to give it a try right? I bought 3– 2 for me and 1 for my mom.  

What I get? 

  • Seaweed The powerful regenerating energy from ocean plants, rich in minerals and nutrients from uncontaminated island of Jeju, promotes the vitalityof the skinand enhances its self-defense system for natural anti-aging effect. 
  • Jeju Bija and Tea Tree To relieve skin redness and irritatiob like acne while replenshing moisture from within. 


    As I always says in my past reviews, I love Innisfree’s Skincare Products. I love the smell and the immediate and long-term effects on my skin. I’m excited to try this product from my favorite brand and I also recommend it to my mom. 

    As I apply the mask, I really don’t like the smell. The seaweed smells like a real seaweed. The Jeju Bija and Tea tree has a unique smell which I also don’t like. I’m sensitive to smell so maybe that’s why. 

    The texture, it just a simple mask. It’s consistent and you can’t see any granule on it. Plus one for this. 

    My mom said the Seaweed has a warm effect on her skin which I personally don’t know if it is normal. The Jeju bija and tea tree just sit in my face and I don’t feel anything. 

    After I washed it, I don’t see any dramatic or instant effect on my skin. It’s like nothing happen. No softness or anything. 

    Will I purchased it again? 

    I loved to try another capsule pack like the yogurt and the Canola and Honey. But I will not purchase Seaweed and Jeju bija& Tea tree. 


    I’ll give these product a 5 out of 10 star. I really don’t like the smell and it doesn’t give any effect. 


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